Eric Risberg, Associated Press
He said, she said: Why guessing gender pronouns is a challenge for tech companies like Google
Getting he/she and him/her right is tricky for artificial intelligence. Some tech companies are avoiding pronouns all together to avoid bias.
CareerWise Colorado
Is college really the only pathway to success? Here's what some states are doing to help young people

Not all graduates will go to college, but they may be told they must to succeed, Michigan counselors now focus on careers, not just college. Colorado is boosting apprenticeships to train young people for jobs en route to or instead of college.

Ashley Smith, Times-News via Associated Press
How artificial intelligence can diagnose some genetic disorders better than doctors (using only a photo of the patient's face)

A new study reveals another use for artificial intelligence: diagnosing rare genetic disorders. Does this mean doctors will be out of a job?

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