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Miller Mobley, Bravo Media
'Project Runway's' Utah contestant hid his love of sewing as a child. Now he has a Salt Lake fashion company
"Project Runway" has entered season 17 and Utah resident Afa Ah Loo survived another week. In the Thursday, March 21, episode, Ah Loo proved himself as someone to watch.
Provided by Margaret Feinberg
'Food, in essence, is God's love made edible' — Park City author's new book is about the spirituality of food
For Margaret Feinberg food is more than fuel for the body or a meal to rush through — it's a gift.
Provided by Eric Woodyard
The Deseret News' Utah Jazz reporter has written a book about his favorite basketball player — his son
Eric Woodyard and Sharonda Jones collaborated on a children’s book with characters that “looked like” their son, Woodyard said — their goal was to accurately portray Flint’s “predominantly African American community."

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