Hale Centre Theatre
'There is not one category that you can stick a woman in': Hale Centre Theatre celebrates women with 'Steel Magnolias'
The year 1987 isn’t one popularly dubbed “The Year of the Woman” — as 1992 and 2018 have widely been — but it nonetheless had its notable moments for women.
Provided by Eric Woodyard
The Deseret News' Utah Jazz reporter has written a book about his favorite basketball player — his son
Eric Woodyard and Sharonda Jones collaborated on a children’s book with characters that “looked like” their son, Woodyard said — their goal was to accurately portray Flint’s “predominantly African American community."
Laura Seitz, Deseret News
Is it a concert faux pas to clap between movements at a symphony concert? Here's what some of Utah's classical music leaders said

“I don’t feel like I’m a teacher and I have to tell the audience how to react," said Thierry Fischer, Utah Symphony's music director.

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