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Mired in a three-game losing streak and desperate to get some production from its struggling offense, Navy faces the unenviable task of going up against surging Houston and standout defensive tackle Ed Oliver.
Twenty-one people have pleaded guilty so far.
The aircraft carrier Harry S. Truman's arrival in the Norwegian Sea Friday marks the first time in nearly 30 years that a U.S. carrier has operated there.
Federal agents are not only probing the death of an Islamic State detainee in Iraq, but also photographs that show SEALs posing with the body and questions about how Naval Special Warfare Group 1 officers and senior chief petty officers handled the internal investigation into the alleged incidents.
Several sailors were injured in Friday's mishap, which remains under investigation.
A Vermont winery’s sparkling apple wine has been selected to christen the nuclear-powered submarine Vermont.
The alleged sextortion scheme began in 2015, with prisoners posing as women in the same age bracket as the targeted soldier.
The letters were sent to the White House and the Pentagon, targeting the president and military leaders.
Venezuela’s humanitarian crisis – which began in late 2014, when a drop in oil prices deprived the government of its primary income source – has worsened to previously unimaginable levels. People are now dying from shortages of food and medicine.
Angeline Nanni toiled in the top secret Venona Project, deciphering codes connected to Soviet spy communications during the Cold War.
In the latest Military Times poll, 77 percent of active-duty readers say the armed forces are becoming more politically polarized.
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