US and British conduct training in South China Sea
U.S. and British warships conducted joint maneuvers in the South China this month in what they called a sign of their shared emphasis on regional peace and stability.
Sub officer faces court-martial trial on stalking and assault charges
The lieutenant commander allegedly put a GPS tracker on a woman's car and accessed her computer without permission.
The Navy officer who supervised a SEAL accused of war crimes is charged
The Navy officer who supervised a SEAL accused of fatally stabbing an Islamic State prisoner in Iraq in 2017 was charged Tuesday with various offenses tied to the case, including allegations he conducted the SEAL’s re-enlistment ceremony next to the corpse and encouraged enlisted personnel to pose for photos with the body.
Coast Guard families plead with lawmakers as they prepare to miss another paycheck
Unless Congress acts this week, Coast Guard members likely won't get paid at all in January, and retirees will start missing out on benefits next month.
That time the Chinese messed with our flag so we took their guns and used them to blow up their forts
Red, white and blew them up.
Audit: Naval Academy is falling apart
The Naval Audit Service’s report says the Annapolis, Maryland, college’s infrastructure has degraded to the point of threatening its ability to train midshipmen.
US House votes overwhelmingly to bar US exit from NATO
The US House passed legislation meant to bar President Donald Trump from pulling the US out of NATO.
Pentagon: No changes to policy on transgender troops, for now
The new policy won't take effect now because of a Maryland court injunction, DoD said.
VA’s benefits appeals process will see a dramatic changeover next month
A new process for all appeals of veterans' benefits cases will go into effect on Feb. 19.
US service member killed in Afghanistan
One U.S. service member was killed in Afghanistan today, U.S. officials said in a short press release Tuesday afternoon.
ISIS car bomb targets US troops in Syria one week after four Americans were killed in Manbij
The attack comes just days after four Americans, including two service members, were killed in the Syrian town of Manbij.
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